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How It Works & Policies

1. Reservation Policy
We encourage you to schedule your group or spa party at least 5 days in advance. During peak season we will do our best to accommodate all appointment requests.

2. Payment Policy 
The following forms of payment are accepted and payment is due 2 days before the event. You will receive an email with the breakdown of pricing per person and the total due. Please designate one person in the group to pay the total amount due using Venmo or Cash App. (Credit/Debit cards through PayPal Invoice carries a 3.9% processing fee). 

3. Gratuity (Tipping) for your therapist(s)
Pricing does not reflect gratuity for the therapist(s). 20% gratuity will be added to the total when the date & time is confirmed. You may tip your therapist(s) above the 20% for an exceptional spa service. Thank you!

We love what we do and go above and beyond to deliver the best spa services possible. Please keep in mind the physical work involved in mobile spa services: 
-Unloading & carrying heavy equipment to inside location - often up flights of stairs, if requested.
-Set-up of equipment & performing the spa services.
-Tearing down equipment, carrying to vehicle, and reloading.

4. Space & Onsite Location Requirement Policy
A space large enough for the therapist to comfortably walk around the massage table is required. During the hot summer months, therapists must set-up in a cool, inside setting at a comfortable temperature. Therapists CANNOT perform spa services in direct sunlight or outside settings during the summer months due to the dangers of  heat stroke or exhaustion . Thank you for your understanding.

5. Therapist(s) Arrival
Your massage therapist will arrive 10-20 minutes prior to the appointment time for set-up of equipment. Feel free to be dressed in comfortable clothes or in a robe ready for treatments. All events must be finalized by phone to confirm date & time. Please be a perfume free and smoke-free environment. Thank you!

6. Cancellation Policy
Please cancel at-least 48 hours before the scheduled event to receive a full refund. If a group or guest(s) cancels any service within 24 hours, half of the full payment will be refunded. If a group or individual cancels on the day of event or appointment, no refund will be given and your group will be charged the full amount, including gratuity.

7. Massage To Promote Self-Healing & Wellness Policy
All mobile massage practitioners are licensed & insured massage & bodywork professionals. We provide therapeutic massage & bodywork to promote self-healing, relaxation, & overall-wellness. Any inappropriate gestures, behavior, sexual actions, comments, or disrespect will not be tolerated. The session will be terminated & the client will be responsible for the full amount of service. Client will also be denied future service with Lezlie's Mobile Spa. 

8. Medical Concerns Policy
If you are sick or have a contagious or medical condition, please inform the practitioner the day before your appointment to reschedule. 

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