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What You Need To Know
Therapist Parking
Please have parking accommodations available for each therapist vehicle BEFORE therapists arrival. If we can not park to unload equipment, we cannot provide services to you, no exceptions and no refunds! If this is your residence or vacation rental, and parking is limited, your vehicle(s) must find temporary parking to accomadate each therapists vehicle on the property of event. 
  • Resort/Hotel guests: Please consult with the concierge/front desk about parking passes for the therapist(s) the day prior to event.
  • Any parking expenditures to us, such as garage/street fee’s will be added to your service bill.
  • Please provide the gate code, garage parking code, and/or elevator code, if needed.
  • Therapists are not permitted to 'drop off' equipment at a residence home or vacation home rental, drive to another location to search for parking, and walk back to the residence to perform services. These types of parking requests are prohibited by Lezlie's Mobile Spa.

Reservation Policy
You must schedule your group or spa party at least 3 days in advance, if possible. During peak season we will do our best to accommodate last minute or same-day requests for individuals and small groups.   

Payment Policy 
For groups and spa party events, a 50% deposit is required upon receiving your confirmation. The remaining balance is due in full 2 days prior to the event. You will receive an email with the breakdown of pricing per person and the total due. To simplify, please designate one person in the group to pay the total. 

Payment Options 
Venmo or Zelle. If using a Credit or Debit card, a 3.9% processing fee is added to the total. 

Gratuity (tipping) for your Therapist
We love what we do and go above and beyond to deliver the best spa services possible.  Please keep in mind the physical work involved in mobile spa services: 
-Unloading & carrying heavy equipment to location set-up area.
-Set-up of equipment & performing the spa services.
-Tearing down equipment, carrying equipment to vehicle, and reloading.
A 20% gratuity is automatically added to the total when the date & time is confirmed. Therapist(s) do accept cash tips above the 20% gratuity for a job well done and is greatly appreciated.  

Equiment Set-up / Space & Onsite Location Requirement Policy
  • A space large enough for the therapist(s) to comfortably walk around the massage table is required - No tight fitting spaces allowed. 
  • Therapists are not permitted to move or rearrange furniture. A space must be prepared before therapist arrival.
  • Therapists can not set up outside when the temperature will be 85 degrees or above.
  • Therapists must set-up in a cool comfortable space inside the location.
  • Therapists CANNOT perform spa services in direct sunlight or outside during late spring or summer months due to the dangers of  heat stroke or heat exhaustion. 
  • Spa equipment is not permitted on the beaches.
  • Spa equipment can not be relocated once set-up has begun. 

Therapist(s) Arrival, Spa Space, & Guest Prep
  • Your massage therapist will arrive 15-20 minutes prior to the scheduled time slot for set-up of equipment.
  • For sanitary purposes you cannot remove your undergament (underwear). There must be a barrier between you and the massage linens.
  • Bras may be removed for your comfort and you will be completely covered during the service.
  • Important details to prepare for the therapist arrival will be text to your phone one day prior to event.  
  • You must be perfume/colonge free and a smoke-free environment. No vamping allowed. 
  • No cell phones, smart watches, or electronics are allowed in or near the spa set-up area. 

Cancellation Policy
  • You must cancel at-least 48 hours (2 days) before the scheduled event to receive a full refund.
  • If a group or guest(s) cancels any service within 24 hours, half of the full payment will be refunded.
  • If a group or guest cancels on the day of or less than 24 hrs. of event, no refund will be given and your group will be charged the full amount, including gratuity. You may divide the time between the remaining guests. 

Massage To Promote Self-Healing & Wellness Policy
All mobile massage practitioners are licensed & insured massage & bodywork professionals. We provide therapeutic massage & bodywork to promote self-healing, relaxation, & overall-wellness. Any inappropriate gestures, behavior, sexual actions, comments, or disrespect will not be tolerated. The session will be terminated & the client will be responsible for the full amount of service. Client will also be denied future service with Lezlie's Mobile Spa. 

Sickness or Medical Policy
If you are sick or have a contagious or medical condition, please inform Lezlie's Mobile Spa before day of event. If you are experiencing a cough, sinus infection, cold symptoms, or flu- like symptoms the day of event and Lezlie's Mobile Spa has not been informed, the therapist has the right to deny you spa services and a refund will not be permitted. 

Travel Fee 
The travel fee is determined based on your location and where the therapist is traveling from. 
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